Lapel Pin Uses

The Different Ways to Use Personalized Lapel Pins

There are a variety of ways to use personalized lapel pins. They may be used as symbols of achievement or association with different businesses, clubs, groups, associations and sports teams. Lapel pins are used to inform, educate, promote, motivate and recognize. There are many other uses for custom-made lapel pins. By providing a unique lapel pin as a gift, you create a memory and memento that will last a forever. A high quality lapel pin is a great, inexpensive way to promote your organization. Below are a few of the more common uses for custom lapel pins.

Awards & Recognition

Service lapel pins are a great way of recognizing of accomplishments.

  • Recognition Pins
  • Years of Service Pins
  • Volunteer Pins
  • Safety Pins

Clubs, Associations & Non-Profit Organizations

Promote an organization, reward members, or give a lapel pin in exchange for donations.

  • Association Pins
  • Masonic Pins
  • Membership Pins
  • Club pins

Church & Religious Groups

Convey a spiritual message, ideology or promote your religious organization with a lapel or collar pin.

  • Church Pins
  • Recognition Pins
  • Remembrance Lapel Pins
  • Usher pins

First Responders

Exhibit pride in what you do with a nursing, EMT, police, or fire department pin.

  • Mini Badges
  • Nursing Pins
  • Police & Fire Pins
  • EMT Pins

Fraternities, Sororities & Schools

Award academic achievement, or signify membership in a school organization.

  • Fraternity / Sorority Lapel Pins
  • Pledge Pins
  • University Lapel Pins
  • Achievement Pins

Marketing, Trade Shows & Promotions

Corporate lapel pins are an excellent vehicle to promote a company name or logo.

  • Company Logo Lapel Pins
  • Promotional Pins
  • Trade Show Lapel Pins
  • Recognition Pins

Sports Team Trading

Team Trading pins are used for all types of sports, events & tournaments.

  • Team Trading Pins
  • Baseball, Softball & Hockey Pins
  • Club Sports Pins
  • Tournament Pins

Military & Government

Lapel pins are an ideal way to show support for our men & women in the armed forces, or to show affiliation with a particular government agency.

  • Army / Navy / Air Force/ Marine Lapel Pins
  • Political Pins
  • Unit & Squadron Pins
  • Reunion Pins