Custom Lapel Pin Specialty Enhancements

Need to add a little pizzazz to your pins? Try adding a dangler, bobble head, slider, light, glitter, or stone to your custom pin. These specialties are guaranteed to take your pin to the next level! Great for trading events, conventions or any other special occasion. For a more professional pin, you can upgraded your packaging to a nice jewel box, card or add personalized engraving. In addition, you can also make almost any pin into a different assortment of jewelry like the following: cufflinks, earrings, charms, pendants, tie tacks, tie bars and stickpins. Pins can also be wine charms, money clips, golf ball markers or zipper pulls.

Custom Specialty Lapel Pins are a great way to brand and market your business, organization, club or sports team. Add a Specialty option and create a truly custom pin that will be the hit of your event and a collector’s item.

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Speciality Elements


Danglers are small lapel pins that attach to the main pin but do not have a clutch on the back. The dangler design can be anything that enhances your main pin design.


Rockers are an additional emblem added to your pin. Rockers are usually used with round shape pins and attach to the main pin via the butterfly clutch located on the back of the lapel pin. The Rocker hangs below the main pin and can be used to signify a date, years of service, or any other text you would like.


A slider is a smaller lapel pin that is attached to the main. It is attached to the main lapel pin through a small thin cut out section. A slider pin provides movement on the main body of the lapel pin.

Bobble Head

The bobble-head is a small lapel pin attached to the main pin utilizing a small spring to create a fast rapid movement on the main lapel pin.


Spinners are a small lapel pin attached to the main pin. The spinner brings movement to your pin and simply put,” spins” when turned.


Blinkies are small lights that blink on and off. Blinkies are located on the main body of the baseball trading pin, and can be used as eyes, to indicate a location in a state, as bases or to just give the trading pin a little pizzazz and increase its trade value. Normally you need about a 1” minimum space on the back of the pin to fit the battery pack. The battery can last 100-200 hrs and is controlled by an on/off button.


Glitter is a special color combined with the enamel and metal flakes. When added to the trading pin, it provides a sparkle effect when captured by light. This provides a lower cost option to your pin than the other add-on options.


Synthetic Stones are small artificial gems that are imbedded in the lapel pin to add class and value. There are many different stone color options to choose from that will make a lapel pin a special personalized gift. Stones can be added to a custom lapel pin to signify years of service, achievement level or just to dress up the look and feel of the pin.

Lapel Pin Options

Plating Options

Plating Options

Standard plating options are Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper and Black Nickel offered at no extra charge. Alternative finishing options are Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Copper or Antique Bronze.

Lapel Pin Attachments

Lapel Pin Attachments

The standard pin attachment is the military or butterfly clutch (pinch/pull). Additional upgrades include, tie tac, rubber clutch, magnetic back or safety pin.

Packaging Options

Packaging Options

Packaging options include velvet bags, plastic jewel cases or a more elegant velvet jewel cases. These packaging options protect your custom lapel pin and increase the perceived value because they look more expensive.

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