Six different lapel pin styles

Contrary to what you might think, not all pins are created the same.  There are six different lapel pin styles. Each pin style has a different production process, cost, perceived value, look and feel. Below is some important information on each of the six pin styles that can help you in determining which pin style best suits your needs when ordering a custom lapel pin.  You will see that in the end, not all pins are created the same.


1. Cloisonné Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

With a Cloisonné Hard Enamel pin, the color and metal are at the same, providing a smooth glassy finish. Colors are outlined & separated by metal.  This pin style offers the highest quality and is thicker/heavier than other pins. This custom-made lapel pin is a little more expensive than the other pin styles, but well worth it. Cloisonné Hard Enamel pins are most collectable and have a greater perceived value, higher luster and durability.

Cloisonné Hard Enamel lapel pins are great for Employee Recognition, First Responders (Police & Rescue personnel), Fraternities, Sororities & the Military.


2. Die Struck Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Soft Enamel pins provide a traditional look, good quality and are less expensive than Cloisonné Hard enamel pins. This pin style is popular because the metal is raised and the color is recessed. This provides some depth to the pin.  Normally the text on a custom soft enamel pin is raised and recessed color surrounds the text. If you would like the text and details to be recessed in to raised surrounding metal and filled with color, that is certainly an option. If you would like a smooth finish on a Soft Enamel pin, you can add a protective layer of epoxy over the top of the pin. This pin style is a little lighter than the Cloisonné Hard Enamel pin, costs a little less, but still has a high-perceived value and durability.

Die Struck Soft enamel pins, are perfect for the military, clubs, non-profits, sports teams, causes, charities and religious groups.


3. Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die Struck lapel pins are simply put, elegant. These pins offer a classic appearance. This pin style contains no enamel colors. The raised surfaces are polished and the recessed areas are sandblasted or textured. The embossed feel and look provides a more detailed depth. The metal is brass or copper, which is then plated in a variety of choices (gold, silver or antiqued). By putting an antique finish on a Die Struck lapel pin, you can give it that “old world” charm. If the pin is 3D, an antique finish will make it “pop” even more and enhance the 3D effect. By adding a synthetic stone to the pin design, you can really enhance its perceived value, as the high polished metal allows the stone to reflect a truly unique design.

Die Struck lapel pins are popular for Corporations, Recognition, Service, Fraternity/Sorority, Country Clubs, and Government Offices.


4. Screen Printed Lapel Pins

If you want your pin to look exactly like your logo, then a screen printed pin is a good option. This pin style works best with pin designs that have small images or text, multiple colors and detailed designs. Screen Printed pins do not require the metal to outline the colors. This prevents any changes to your design. This pin style also allows the use of specific Pantone colors if this is critical to your design or logo. Screen Printed pins allow you to have more detail than a Cloisonné or Die Struck Soft Enamel pin. An epoxy finish is added to the pin to prevent scratching and protect the colors. With this pin style, you can have a metal border or print right to the edge of the pin. It all depends on your personal preference.  This pin is best for designs with lots of different colors. Screen Printed pins are more typically cost effective at larger quantities (1000+) and are a lot thinner/lighter than Cloisonné Hard Enamel, Die Struck Soft Enamel or Die Struck lapel pins.

Screen Printed lapel pins are great for Promotions, Festivals, Political Campaigns, Non-Profits, Fundraising, and Tradeshows.


5. Offset Printed Lapel Pins

 If you have a complicated design with a lot of colors, gradients, or a photo reproduction, the Offset Printed pin style would work best. The design is printed right on the metal so just like a screen printed lapel pin, there is no need to outline the colors with metal. What are the differences between the Screen Printed pin and the Offset Printed pin? The screen printed pin is best for individual spot colors and the Offset Printed pin is best for color gradients, where the colors tend to blend or fade in to each other. Again, this printed pin allows for great detail, has an epoxy coating, is light/thin and can have a metal border or not.  These pins are more typically cost effective at larger quantities (1000+)

Offset Printed lapel pins are great for Promotions, Festivals, Political Campaigns, Non-Profits, Fundraising, and Trade Shows.


6. Etched Enamel lapel pins

Etched enamel lapel pins are better at achieving small detail when you want an enamel pin. This lapel pin is the lightest weight of the enamel pins. Metal outlines all the colors and are at the same level. Typically you add an epoxy coating to the top of the pin to prevent scratching, but some people prefer it without the epoxy. Etched enamel pins are perfect for large pins where weight is a concern. This lapel pin usually cost less at lower quantities than the other enamel pins due to the low die cost. For some reason, many factories are no longer making this type of custom lapel pin.

Etched enamel lapel pins are great for Trading, Conventions, Clubs & Associations, Fraternal Orders, Corporate Identity & Marketing.

Deciding on which pin lapel pin style works best for organization or event, design & budget is not always easy. Allow Pinnacle Pins  to to create a custom design that fits all your needs.

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