Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

A Challenge Coin is a small coin or medallion used by members of an organization to prove membership, enhance morale, recognize achievements or exchange between organizations. All branches of the military as well as many other organizations use Challenge Coins. The Government, Police and Fire departments, NASCAR, Boy Scouts, Fraternal organizations and many other Clubs & Associations use coins. By using your logo, seal, motto or even a picture, Pinnacle Pins can create a custom challenge coin perfect for your organization, team or promotion.

Challenge Coins provide a strong sense of belonging and loyalty.  In addition, Challenge Coins build relationships amongst groups of people. Every employee, unit or organization member will love receiving a custom coin in recognition of his or her work and achievement. Custom made challenge coins are also a great gift for clients, suppliers, and as a souvenir at award ceremonies.

The most common sizes for Challenge Coins are 1.5’, 1.75” and 2”. Coins are two sided and show a logo or insignia of a particular club, association or organization. Typically a Challenge Coin is round, but it does not have to be. When creating a coin, keep in mind who is receiving the coin, the purpose and the overall function of the coin. The design of your Challenge Coin is only limited by your imagination. Since every coin Pinnacle Pins produces is a custom piece, thinking bold and being creative will make sure you have a very distinctive coin for your organization.

Most custom Challenge Coins are produced by one of three manufacturing processes; Hard Enamel, Soft enamel or Die Struck. Each process has it’s own unique look and feel. Coins can have color on both front & back, only on the front or back or no color.

Hard Enamel coins have the color and metal at the same level, so they are relatively flat, unless you have a recessed area or a 3D part on the design.

Soft Enamel coins have the metal raised and the color recessed, so you have a little more depth to the overall design. Soft Enamel coins can have epoxy added to the coin to act as a protectant to prevent scratching, thus making it flat.

Die Struck coins are raised and recessed metal with no color. These coins can be gold, silver, copper or antiqued. By adding an antiqued plating option, you can really pick up on the details in the design.

Custom Challenge Coins for the military date back to the First World War as a way of indicating membership to a specific unit and were used to show proof of a soldier’s affiliation to a platoon, squadron, battalion or any branch in the military.

Custom Challenge Coins for Business and Organizations – Challenge Coins can also be used for anniversaries, employee recognition and as promotional items.