Employee Pins

  Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde Arizona, uses employee pins to reward and recognize their employees for years of service. The pin is a classic Hard Enamel pin with gold plating and  black enamel fill. The years of service are engraved with a black enamel fill. The words YOU ROCK! let the employee now just how important they are…read more →

Recognition Pins

Promotional Pins celebrate events 25th Anniversary The Rotary Club of Estes Park, CO is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Estes Park Duck Race with a special Anniversary lapel pin.  The Recognition pins are Die Struck Soft enamel with silver plating and very vibrant enamel colors.  The shape and design of the pin is modeled after the Duck Race mascot, standing on a mountain range that…read more →

Academic Pins

  Hillel Academy in Pittsburgh, PA provides a custom-made lapel pin to its students and staff. These pins help promote school spirit and recognition.  Hillel Academy’s first pin was a elegant rectangle shape Die Struck pin with gold plating, using just the schools logo. The logo is raised & polished gold metal with a recessed and sandblasted background. The pin was an instant…read more →

DirecTV uses Employee Recognition Lapel Pins

DirecTV in Sacramento CA, instituted Awards & Recognition lapel pins program for their Technicians in December called “Technician Elite”.  The lapel pin is a Cloisonné Hard enamel pin with silver metal plating and blue & white enamel colors. The custom made lapel pins are not only used as Recognition for their hard working technicians, but are also used as ID badges to…read more →

Lapel Pins, What are they used for?

What are lapel pins used for? There are many different reasons and applications for custom lapel pins. Lapel pins are great for many different types of organizations. From companies looking to provide employee recognition or reward years of service, to clubs, associations and sports teams who want to promote themselves and make others aware of their organization or cause.  Lapel…read more →

Lapel Pin Accessories

Lapel Pin Accessories There are many different ways that you can transform your lapel pin into other accessories. When ordering a custom pin, consider adding to your quantity mix other lapel pin accessories that will complement your pin. Among these Lapel pin accessories are money clips, pendants, charms, zipper pulls, tie bars, cufflinks, stickpins or earrings. These additional lapel pin…read more →

Six different lapel pin styles

Contrary to what you might think, not all pins are created the same.  There are six different lapel pin styles. Each pin style has a different production process, cost, perceived value, look and feel. Below is some important information on each of the six pin styles that can help you in determining which pin style best suits your needs when…read more →