Team Trading Pins

Get Lapel Pins for Trading at Baseball, Softball, Hockey & Other Team Sports Tournaments

From baseball to basketball, hockey, soccer, softball or any other sport, custom team trading pins allow your team to participate in one of the biggest events at any tournament, Pin Trading. Team Trading Pins are the best way to show team spirit, promote your team or organization and allow players to engage in an activity they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Most team trading pins are made as Die Struck Soft Enamel because of the lower cost factor. Depending on the design and colors, some trading pins would need to be done as a Screen Printed or Offset Printed pin. Whenever possible, it is better to produce a Die Struck Soft Enamel trading pin because they are thicker, heavier and have a better trade value.

Pinnacle Pins specializes in creating the most sought after team trading pins at any tournament. Pins are color matched using the PMS color chart, which means there are thousands of colors available for you to choose from.



  • Normally each player needs between 35-100 trading pins depending on the size of your tournament (s) and the number of teams participating.
  • The minimum size for a team trading pin is 1-1/2 . The larger the pin size (1.75”, 2”, 2.5” etc.) and the cooler, out of the box the design, the more valuable it is to other traders. Consider adding, lights, danglers, sliders, spinners, glitter, bobble heads or any other add-on that will make your pin stand out!
  • Plan ahead for your tournament (s). Production is normally 7-10 days, but during baseball season (June/July) this is a very busy time of year for trading pins and production time can be a little longer.
  • Send us your logo, design or call us with an idea and we can provide a free trading pin design. Have no idea and just a team name? Let us know and we can provide a free design.
100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000
1.5″ $2.75 $2.25 $1.82 $1.35 $1.18 $1.12 $0.99
1.75″ $3.00 $2.55 $2.06 $1.60 $1.45 $1.40 $1.20
2″ $3.45 $2.75 $2.25 $1.80 $1.60 $1.55 $1.40

For sizes larger than 2″ please request a free quote

Danglers – $0.55 & Up

Spinners – $0.65 & Up

Glitter – $0.20 each

Bobbles– $1.25 & Up

Lights – 1: $1.00 2: $1.50

Sliders – $0.95 & Up

Stones – $.10 and up

Free: Quote, Mold, Artwork & Shipping
Pricing above is an estimate, please request a quote for your trading pins as there are many factors that can determine the final cost. For pricing over 2,000 pieces please contact us. Extra charges may apply for cutouts, over 5 colors, epoxy, different pin attachments, multiple attachments, screen prints, 3-D molds, etc.

*Pricing is subject to change, without notice.

Trading Pin add-on options

Team Trading Lapel Pin DanglerDANGLER– Danglers are small lapel pins that attach to the main pin but do not have a clutch on the back. The dangler design can be anything that enhances your main pin design.

SLIDER – a slider is a smaller lapel pin that is attached to the main trading pin. It is attached to the main lapel pin through a small thin cut out section. A slider pin provides movement on the main body of the lapel pin.

 Bobble Head Team Trading PinsBOBBLE HEAD – The bobble-head is a small lapel pin attached to the main pin utilizing a small spring to create a fast rapid movement on the main lapel pin.

SPINNERS – Spinners are a small lapel pin attached to the main trading pin. The spinner brings movement to your pin and simply put,” spins” when turned.

Team Trading Lapel Pin Blinkie LargeBLINKIES – Blinkies are small lights that blink on and off. Blinkies are located on the main body of the baseball trading pin, and can be used as eyes, to indicate a location in a state, as bases or to just give the trading pin a little pizzazz and increase its trade value. Normally you need about a 1” minimum space on the back of the pin to fit the battery pack. The battery can last 100-200 hrs and is controlled by an on/off button.

GLITTER – Glitter is a special color combined with the enamel and metal flakes. When added to the trading pin, it provides a sparkle effect when captured by light. This provides a lower cost option to your pin than the other add-on options.

STONES – Synthetic Stones are small artificial gems that are imbedded in the lapel pin to add class and value. There are many different stone color options to choose from that will make a lapel pin a special personalized gift. Stones can be added to a custom lapel pin to signify years of service, achievement level or just to dress up the look and feel of the pin.