Lapel Pins, What are they used for?

What are lapel pins used for?

There are many different reasons and applications for custom lapel pins. Lapel pins are great for many different types of organizations. From companies looking to provide employee recognition or reward years of service, to clubs, associations and sports teams who want to promote themselves and make others aware of their organization or cause.  Lapel pins are a great and inexpensive promotional item.

Here are some great ways to use lapel pins.


Festivals & Events

A custom lapel pin is a great souvenir for Events & Festivals and can be a very collectable item. By providing lapel pins at your event or festival, you allow people to remember the experience for a lifetime and can promote the occasion year after year, increasing attendance and awareness.  If providing lapel pins for free to the attendees is in your budget, you will more than make up the expense in goodwill, increased exposure and future attendance. If giving away the pins is not in your budget, consider selling them.  Most people would be happy to buy a lapel pin as a souvenir.  People will pay on average about  $5.00 for a custom pin to remember their experience. If you buy 200 pins at $2.00 each and sell them for $5.00 each, your profit is $600.00.  A custom lapel pin is a good source of revenue to help offset expenses.


Employee Recognition

 Employees love to be recognized for their hard work and lapel pins are the prefect employee awards. Pins are great for recognizing levels of achievement, years of service or just as a simple appreciation. Creating a custom pin design with your company logo is an easy and cost effective way to show your employees that you care, creates pride and a sense of teamwork within your organization.  You can add engraving a synthetic stone or different plating options to differentiate levels or years of service.


Religious Organizations

 Lapel pins are great for churches and other religious organizations. Pins are used to identify specific individuals within the church such as ushers and office staff.  You can also use lapel pins to raise money for specific church causes or for the general fund. Any person who is a member of your church or religious organization would be happy to donate $5.00 for a good cause and rewarding them with a pin that cost you $2.00 or less is a great way to raise funds for your group.


First Responders

Lapel pins are very popular amongst first responders.  From Police and Fire Department personnel to EMT’s, nurses and other professionals, lapel pins promote affiliation to a specific department or unit.  Pins are also used as identification and as recognition awards.  A custom pin can also be used to remember fellow members.



 Giving away lapel pins at trade shows is cost effective and a great way to create brand and product awareness. Whether you are launching a new product or just promoting your services, lapel pins can create buzz at a trade show and direct traffic to your booth.  Why not send attendees home with a memento that that will remind them of your product/service long after the show is over.


Conventions & Conferences

 Participants love to take home a souvenir to mark their attendance at a particular convention or conference. A custom pin is a great way to say, “Thanks for attending”. Pin trading at conventions has become extremely popular amongst the attendee’s and help promote the event.



Looking for a great fundraising idea? Custom made lapel pins are a great way to raise money for your organization or sports team.  People are happy to donate $5.00 for a good cause and rewarding them with a pin that cost you $2.00 or less is a great way to raise funds for your group. A custom design with your logo not only generates money for your cause, but is also a great promotional item that raises awareness about your organization and can get others to join or donate.


Team Trading Pins

Team Trading pins are more popular than ever before with all types of sports teams.

Many teams bring custom pins to tournaments they attend to trade with other teams.  Typically a trading pin design will include the team name, colors, city and state, mascot and if applicable the age group or level. Trading pins are popular for Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Soccer, Football, Basketball, and Curling Tournaments as well as many other team sports. Pins are a great way to promote your team and show team spirit. If you are attending a baseball tournament like the Little League World Series or a hockey tournament like Squirt International, make sure you bring your custom team trading pins.


Clubs & Associations

 Lapel pins for any club or association are a must have. A personalized pin with your logo is a great way to raise funds, create awareness, reward members and promote your organization. Lapel pins instill a sense of pride, teamwork and belonging to any group.



 Pins are great for rewarding academic performance, recognizing clubs, class pins as well as fraternities, sororities, alumni and special events.  A lapel pin helps builds pride & spirit, recognizes graduates & alumni, creates awareness and can help celebrate specific milestones in achievement. Nursing, graduation, years of service, fundraising and recognition are all great ways to use a custom pin.


Lapel pins are a great for any occasion, event or milestone. Pins are in inexpensive way to promote, recognize and reward. So the next time you think about an organization, association, club or sports team you belong to, consider having a custom lapel pin made.

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